HTTPX protocol

From Ketarin

In order to add cookies and possibly other HTTP information to an HTTP request, you can use Ketarin's HTTPX protocol. To use it, take any HTTP download URL and change "http://" to "httpx://". This change alone will make no difference, but when using an HTTPX URL, you can use the following additional options (append them like HTTP GET parameters):

Functionality Description Example
Cookies Sets a cookie with given name and value when executing the HTTP request. To analyse which cookies a website creates, you can use Firefox: Tools -> Settings -> Privacy -> Cookies (search for website domain). It will show you the name and content of the cookie. httpx://...?cookie:name=value
HTTP-Accept Sets the HTTP-Accept header to an arbitrary value. httpx://...?header:accept=* (see forum)
HTTP-Referer Sets the HTTP-Referer header to an arbitrary value. httpx://...?header:referer=*