Interface customisation

From Ketarin

Ketarin's interface can be modified to suit your needs. Most important is probably the customisability of the main application list, which is covered below.

Main Columns

The main application list has a couple of columns, some of them are optional and can be shown or hidden using the context menu of the column headers.

Application: Application name, for example: Ketarin
Category: Application category, for example: Disk Tools
Last Updated: The date the application was last updated, for example: 01.01.2010 12:00
Progress: Shows the download progress during an update, as well as the file size.
Target: Path where the application is saved.
Status: Current Status of application. Displayed messages are:

  • Idle (no action is currently performed on the application)
  • Downloading (application is either checking for or downloading newer version)
  • No Update (application finished with update checking, no update found)
  • Update available (application finished with update checking, update available but not downloaded)
  • Updated (application finished with update checking, update downloaded)
  • Failed (application update failed). The error will be shown at the end of the updating process. See ViewShow Log for details and also check troubleshooting downloads.

Custom columns: Allows you to display a custom value in the list. Use Add in the Custom columns section to create a new column with its own Name and Value options. The Name should be simple text, and the Value should be a variable or function. Typically, you'd want to display a variable here, either a custom variable or a special variable. See also: Functions.

For example, you could define a {version} variable for all applications, and display it in this column. Or you could display the file size using "{filesize:formatfilesize}" as value. Or you could display the Notes field using "{property:UserNotes}" as value.

Note Note: Applications downloaded from FileHippo.png FileHippo automatically have a {version} variable.


Here's a list of several options you can use in the Value for your own Custom column.

Value Description
{version} Version variable, populated automatically by FileHippo and manually on other applications
{property:UserNotes} Notes field
{file:ext} Extension of the downloaded file
{property:ShareApplication:multireplace:|:True|False:X|} Displays an X for applications that are shared in the online database
{property:VariableChangeIndicator} Displays the variable used to monitor for changes
{property:FileHippoId} Displays the FileHippo ID for FileHippo entries and empty for other entries

View options

Following options are available in the View menu.

Show log: Shows or hides the log window, which helps you to understand what Ketarin does while updating.
Show groups: Applications can be grouped alphabetically into groups, depending on the sort column.
Show status bar: Shows or hides the status bar. Contains especially application counts.
Auto scroll: List of applications is auto scrolled during update if user has more applications than fit into main window vertically.

Find: Shows a search bar at the bottom of main window but above status bar (if enabled).

Option Description
inurl:x Only searches download URLs of applications.
incommand:x Only searches the commands of applications.
invarname:x Only searches the variable names used in an application.
invarurl:x Only searches the variable URLs used in an application.