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In order to get started with Ketarin, we'll show you how you can make Ketarin download applications for you with a couple of examples.

Example 1: Monitor CDBurnerXP updates

If a sofware package, like CDBurnerXP, is always downloadable from a fixed URL which automatically points to the latest version, it's rather simple.

Add a new application, enter a name and enter the URL. CDBurnerXP can always be downloaded from, so this is what we are going to use in this example. Since the downloaded file name actually varies (it includes the version number), save it to a folder so that this file name is used instead of a fixed one. You probably also want to delete previously downloaded files (advanced settings), otherwise you'd keep an archive of all versions of CDBurnerXP.


Note Note: You can also use a PAD file URL as download URL (for example Ketarin will then automatically extract the actual download URL from the PAD file data. Make sure, that the PAD file is kept up-to-date by the author though.

Example 2: Monitor a package from

FileHippo is a frequently updated website which lists all kinds of software packages. It also provides a download opportunity. Ketarin can make use of this information.

Let's use SmartFTP in this example. As in example 1, add a new application and enter a name. Instead of an URL, however, copy and paste the URL of SmartFTP on ( into the FileHippo ID text field. It will automatically extract the corresponding ID from it. In this case I'm using a fixed file name, since I both download the 32 bit and 64 bit version of SmartFTP.


Example 3: Monitor Firefox

Using FileHippo is quite convenient, however, they only list English language software packages. So if you want to, let's say, monitor the German version of Firefox you can't use it. Also, there is no fixed direct download URL available for Firefox.

So what do we do? First of all, let's download the desired version of Firefox from Once the download has started, determine the location you are downloading from. Depending on the browser you are using, you can possibly rightclick on the active download and choose “Show source URL” or “Copy source URL to clipboard”. The actual URL could be this one for example:

From this URL, we can probably figure, that we'd only have to replace the version number 3.0.1 with the new version number as soon as an update for Firefox is available. So let's use this one as URL:{version}/win32/de/Firefox%20Setup%20{version}.exe


Now we only have to define where to get {version} from. To do this, click on the Variables button next to the URL.

Press Enter or click the +-Button. Enter “version” (without quotes) as name. For “Contents of URL” enter Click Load. In the field below, enter “german” and click Find. Scroll a bit down if necessary, until you see


This seems like a nice portion of the site to extract the latest version number from. Select the text before 3.0.1 and click “Use selection as start”, then select the text after 3.0.1 and click “Use selection as end”. Now 3.0.1 should be highlighted, as well as the text before and behind the version in a different colour.

Note Note: For the "start selection", Ketarin will always use the first occurrence of the string, and for the "end selection" the first occurrence after the "start selection" will be used.


Click OK. Now Ketarin will always replace {version} in the URL with the version number written on the website, which should lead to a valid download URL.

Enter the remaining information (save path, options) and click OK.