HTTPX protocol

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In order to add cookies and possibly other HTTP information to an HTTP request, you can use Ketarin's HTTPX protocol. To use it, take any HTTP download URL and change "http://" to "httpx://". This change alone will make no difference, but when using an HTTPX URL, you can use the following additional options (append them like HTTP GET parameters):

Functionality Description Example
Cookies Sets a cookie with given name and value when executing the HTTP request. To analyse which cookies a website creates, you can use Firefox: Tools -> Settings -> Privacy -> Cookies (search for website domain). It will show you the name and content of the cookie. httpx://...?cookie:name=value
HTTP-Accept Sets the HTTP-Accept header to an arbitrary value. httpx://...?header:accept=* (see forum)
HTTP-Referer Sets the HTTP-Referer header to an arbitrary value. httpx://...?header:referer=*)