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Ketarin's interface can be modified to suit your needs. Most important is probably the customisability of the main application list, which is covered below.

Main Columns

The main application list has a couple of columns, some of them are optional and can be shown or hidden using the context menu of the column headers.

Application: Application name, for example: Ketarin
Category: Application category, for example: Disk Tools
Last Updated: The date the application was last updated, for example: 01.01.2010 12:00
Progress: Shows the download progress during an update, as well as the file size.
Target: Path where the application is saved.
Status: Current Status of application. Displayed messages are:

  • Idle (no action is currently performed on the application)
  • Downloading (application is either checking for or downloading newer version)
  • No Update (application finished with update checking, no update found)
  • Update available (application finished with update checking, update available but not downloaded)
  • Updated (application finished with update checking, update downloaded)
  • Failed (application update failed). The error will be shown at the end of the updating process. See ViewShow Log for details and also check troubleshooting downloads.

Custom columns: Allows you to display a custom value in the list. Use Add in the Custom columns section to create a new column with its own Name and Value options. The Name should be simple text, and the Value should be a variable or function. Typically, you'd want to display a variable here, either a custom variable or a special variable. See also: Functions.

For example, you could define a {version} variable for all applications, and display it in this column. Or you could display the file size using "{filesize:formatfilesize}" as value. Or you could display the Notes field using "{property:UserNotes}" as value.

Note Note: Applications downloaded from FileHippo.png FileHippo automatically have a {version} variable.


Here's a list of several options you can use in the Value for your own Custom column.

Value Description
{version} Version variable, populated automatically by FileHippo and manually on other applications
{property:UserNotes} Notes field
{file:ext} Extension of the downloaded file
{property:ShareApplication:multireplace:|:True|False:X|} Displays an X for applications that are shared in the online database
{property:VariableChangeIndicator} Displays the variable used to monitor for changes
{property:FileHippoId} Displays the FileHippo ID for FileHippo entries and empty for other entries

View options

Following options are available in the View menu.

Show log: Shows or hides the log window, which helps you to understand what Ketarin does while updating.
Show groups: Applications can be grouped alphabetically into groups, depending on the sort column.
Show status bar: Shows or hides the status bar. Contains especially application counts.
Auto scroll: List of applications is auto scrolled during update if user has more applications than fit into main window vertically.

Find: Shows a search bar at the bottom of main window but above status bar (if enabled).

Option Description
inurl:x Only searches download URLs of applications.
incommand:x Only searches the commands of applications.
invarname:x Only searches the variable names used in an application.
invarurl:x Only searches the variable URLs used in an application.