Troubleshooting downloads

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When trying to download files with Ketarin instead with your browser, you may encounter difficulties, as Ketarin behaves a bit differently than a web browser and some websites may try to prevent download tools from downloading files.

Error: The downloaded file is not a binary file type

This error can have various reasons. In many cases, it may just indicate a "file not found" error. In this case you should check that the file you are trying to download still exists. Further reasons could be:

  • The website denies the download because of a missing HTTP referer. Try setting "Spoof HTTP referer" to an URL of the website you are downloading from, possibly the page which lists the available downloads is required.
  • The website requires a different user agent (rare). Try setting the application specific user agent to a commonly used user agent or to something completely random.

Error: Timeouts when downloading

Some websites may only accept a single download at a time. Try enabling the option "Do not download this application simultaneously with other applications" for this application.

Other issues

  • Ketarin does not reliably determine if there are updates for an application. This may happen if the webserver submits incorrect "last modified" information and also does not reveal the expected file size. In this case, use Use the following variable as indicator for changes to let a variable (for example, a version number) decide whether or not an update needs to be downloaded.
  • If you cannot make sense of the error you get, or you need further details about the server response, you can use an HTTP Web Sniffer.